Back on Track – iPods and Pervs

Moron say what?

Moron say what?

So, the quest to find my running motivation is not going so well.  Instead of exorcising my running demons after over-analysing the root of my exercise enthusiasm in the last post I wrote, the demons instead got hold of my iPod and have killed it.  And I am very sad (emotionally, not on the cool spectrum although that is open to debate).

iPod has been there for me since Christmas 2007 (as it says on the back of it). It was there when all my best friends were metal heads, when I was dancing in the dark, sat in a moon age daydream and joined the Lonely Hearts Club band. (Also when I hung out with the cast of High School Musical, bopped away to Katy Perry and flounced like Beyonce…) But not anymore.  After nearly 6 years of loyal service the dial has keeled over and i’ve been told that because it’s now a ‘Classic’ it will cost more than it was ever worth to repair it *sob*.  This has made running harder now as it means I have nothing to distract me easily away from the continuous thud of one foot in front of the other.  It means I have to actually use my brain and will to keep going, instead of losing my trail of thought to the cliff hanging suspense of what track my little iPod was going to play next (shuffle mode, you minx you).  It’s not been easy.

Another more disturbing thing I’ve noticed as an effect of running without headphones that has put me off slightly is the comments made by men.  It bemuses me slightly how a girl in baggy shorts, wearing a sports bra that straps her down so much she could be auditioning for Cesario in Twelfth Night and sweating like its 1000 degrees outside is any source of perv fodder but apparently that’s the case. I’ve been rated out of 10, had the size of my bum discussed, been called baby and told by one particularly lovely chap that he could make me sweat just as much as I was at that moment.    Sadly I was too out of breath by that point to tell him that would only happen if I was running the hell away from him.  Why? Why do people think they have the right to say this? Do women make these comments about men when they’re out running? Until the tragic loss of iPod the other day i’d been blissfully unaware that such comments were being made and now feel a little uncomfortable and mightly pissed off.  When I do run I do it for me and me alone, its my time to myself and I don’t appreciate fuckwits violating that.

Morons aside, I’ve also been making it down to the track and accidentally let slip to Coach Man that I have a 10km coming up in a month or two, so he has promised me a new fun training regime for said run.  I think the ‘fun’ part of this is open to interpretation…




    • Try a Sansa Clip+ and stuff in a 32GB microSD card. Cheap as chips (compared to iPod) and indestructible (and sounds good).

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