Back on Track – Following a plan


You’ll all pleased to know that after last week’s blog I have been lent an iPod to drown out stupid comments until my birthday funds hopefully stretch towards a replacement.  This has made me happy as a) I don’t have to listen to ridiculous remarks said about me whilst running b) I have a whole new library of music to keep me entertained whilst I run – Bjork’s back catalogue anyone?

About 4 months ago I signed up for a 10km run.  I signed up so far in advanced because I was going to get fit for it. I was going to run 10kms regularly as training to get my body used to the distance, work out where I needed to pick up the speed, work on recovery times and generally go out on the final run and rival Mo Farah.  Needless to say its now just over a month until said run (which is now sponsored by Whole Foods and has a category for women who want to run the distance with their pushchair- Middle Class ’til I die) and I’m nowhere near this stage. In fact I’m so far away from this stage that even when I put my glasses on it’s still a smeary speck on the horizon.  Still, i’ve got at least 5 whole weeks to go so sought advice from my running pal (You know the one, the one who in school was not renown for her sporting capabilities and now kicks my ass and has 2 half marathons lined up in the next 3 weeks…that one!) and she recommended the Virgin Marathon intermediate training plan.  I did explain to her that there was no way I was going to train for a marathon as I don’t have that sort of attention span, but was reassured that I don’t have to follow the whole 24 weeks and that through just roughly following this plan she managed to run 10km in a time I had only dreamt of up until that point.

I already know that regardless of my best intentions and determination there’s no way I will end up following this plan, life, weather and more life will get in the way, however my pal’s use of the word ‘roughly’ has given me hope.  Combine this with the fact that Coach Man is taking a well earned break from coaching for a few weeks and that the athletics track is being closed for 8 weeks to finally mend the thing and get rid of the huge craters and it looks like a vaguely obeyed running plan is the best i’m going to get for now.




  1. Perhaps the C210K plan? Just might have to speed it up a little…I think it’s an 8 week plan. However you do it, good luck!! (And yeah, I have one of ‘those’ friends too) 🙂

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