The Women’s Sport Trust is open for business

300x175After 10 months of trials, tribulations and patience the Women’s Sport Trust has finally received its charity status and is accepting donations to help boost the world of women in sport.

For those who don’t know, Women’s Sport Trust is an organisation that aims to offer financial grants to anything that will improve the sporting world for women.  One of the great things about WST is that applications for grants can come from all spectrums of the sporting world, covering everything from kit, transport, coaching and venue hire costs to requests for help towards sports journalism fees or sports physio qualifications.  So long as it heightens the identity of women in sport then the application is accepted.  A panel of brave men and women are then tasked with sifting through all worthy applications and making the very difficult decision of who will receive the funding.  This fantastic organisation already has the support of some top sporting figureheads, from gold medal winning Anna Watkins to World Champions Chrissie Wellington and Jonathan Edwards, as well as big name corporations such as Accenture and E&Y, all of whom have come together as they realise and recognise the importance sport can have on the lives of women.

So, through the generous donations of the Great British public (and beyond) the WST is open for business and accepting donations that it can then change into grants and support women’s sport.  Its a very simple process, just visit  and give what you can.




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