Women’s Sport vs The Media – Newspaper roundup 15.9.13


And we’re back. Apologies again for last week, in the excitement of watching fellow Sportister Chris taking on his first half marathon and the obligatory post race lunch at Nandos (the race routine of all top athletes), the media roundup was somewhat forgotten by yours truly until it was far too late. But today I am here surrounded by 5 of the biggest national press titles Britain has to offer to see what they have to offer on women’s sport.

However just to let you all know, Gareth Bale has proved he is worth that £85 million because he has scored A GOAL.  Admittedly he overcame the pressures heaped on him for his first match for Real Madrid after becoming the most expensive player ever ever by scoring on his debut, but if you go by today’s papers you would think it was the goal that could save this entire planet and bring about world peace. Sadly RM did not write into Bale’s extortionate contract that he should stop doing ‘heart-hands’ on scoring a goal so will continue to look like a 2006 emo kid’s Myspace profile picture for years to come.

The Observer

The only story to stand out in the Observer today is the recognition of Non Standford’s amazing World Triathlon Championship win to take the world title yesterday.  At only 24 she’s become the first woman to win the world under-23 championship and world championship title in successive seasons and only the second person ever behind her training partner Alistair Brownlee.

The Sunday Times

Despite the fact I am sure there are 100s of top sporting events happening throughout the UK this weekend, all I could find in the ST was another report of Non Standford’s epic world title win.

The Sunday Mirror

There’s not a lot of change from the usual drill at the Sunday Football, however apart from the usual 200 worder on Women’s football, this time about Casey Stoney proving herself as captain in the run up to England’s world cup qualifiers, there’s also a short piece on Non Standford’s World triathlon crown.  Interesting fact, Non actually broke her arm in July but took second place in the Stockholm triathlon just 5 weeks later, a pretty god example of the women’s determination.

The Mail on Sunday

In the (long) run up to Sochii 2014, the Mail on Sunday seem to be all about winter sports, this week producing a double page on Nancy Kerrigan, the american figure skater who was badly assaulted by her rink rival’s ex husband shortly before her campaign to win a place on the US team for the 1994 Winter Olympics.  There’s also a very brief mention of Non Stanford win yesterday and randomly a NIB on Aoife Clarke who will win her first CCI three-star title if she jumps clear today at Blenheim Horse Trials. (She did jump clear and came 1st on Fenyas Elegance).

The Independent on Sunday

The Indie makes an effort by at least putting a photo of Non on the front cover of their sport section, albeit above the giant image of Gareth Bale heart-handing all over the shop.  The article on Stanford actually makes very interesting reading, not only covering her amazing win yesterday, but also doing a mini feature on her achievements so far and giving a simplified version of her grueling weekly training schedule.  Other than that there’s a few lines on Japan’s Mika Kiyazato maintaining her lead after the 2nd round of the Evian Championship, the inaugural fifth major of the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) and that’s about your lot.



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