Craig Bellamy Foundation – Captaincy for Coach

Matta Conteh
Matta Conteh

Whilst the Craig Bellamy Foundation prepare for next season’s launch of the Girl’s Football League, we find out what great strides one of the CBF women has been making on the international stage.

18 year old Matta Conteh is an assistant coach for the Foundation,  coaching the Syke Rangers U12 and U14 (boys) teams in Freetown over the last year.  However not only can she talk the talk, she’s a great player too, being called up this autumn to captain Sierra Leone at the U20 FIFA world cup qualifiers against Nigeria.  Unfortunately the results wasn’t quite what Sierra Leone hoped, but Matta is a great inspiration both on and off the pitch.

Thanks to investment from the English Premier League this year CBF could train up women in all areas of football, including referees, coaches and co-ordintors.  To further support the CBF’s gender equality agenda these women work in both the Girl’s and Boy’s league, not only acting as role models for young women, but also demonstrating to boys that women are entitled to the same rights as men and above all, know their football.



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