Women’s Sport Trust Announces First Grant Recipients


‘The Women’s Sport Trust is the only grant giving body specifically and solely focused on women’s sport. We want to make it easy for individuals and organisations to make a difference and today’s announcement demonstrates the start of that process.’ Anna Watkins,  MBE, Olympic Gold Medal Rower and Patron of the WST.

Today the Women’s Sport Trust revealed the first recipients of its grant funding, with the successful applicants including a GB Paratriathlete, one of the rising stars of women’s boxing and a male coach to a girls’ rugby team.

Launched this summer, the WST has marked itself out as a leading supporter for women’s sport, providing an alternative route of funding for aspiring and existing stars at both elite and grassroots level. With WSFF research demonstrating that only 0.5% of commercial sponsorship finds its way into women’s sport, the need for new funding arrangements is clear and the importance of organisations such as the WST becomes increasingly apparent.

The applications for grants have come in thick and fast. Chair of the WST’s Grants Panel (and Sportist hero, GB & England Hockey Captain) Kate Richardson-Walsh remarked: ‘ The response that we’ve already received has been phenomenal and we hope to build upon this to attract more funding and profile for women’s sport in 2014.’

The successful applicants were revealed as:

Liz McTernan (World Ranked Paracyclist and World Paratriathlon Bronze Medallist)

Nick Woodland (Coach of Melbourne RFC Minxes)

Lexi Lloyd-Smith (10 year old Arsenal under-13 footballer)

Lisa Whiteside (European Union champion and Rio 2016 hopeful GB boxer)

Vanessa Cole (Runs the Birmingham Blitz Dames all female roller derby team)

The WST is backed by a raft of outstanding ambassadors and patrons, including Anna Watkins, Kelly Smith, Shelley Rudman, Chrissie Wellington, Jonathan Edwards, Elinor Barker and Liz Yelling. You can find more information on WST on their website womenssporttrust.com or via twitter @WomenSportTrust

Image from womenssporttrust.com – Thanks!



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