Super League Lacrosse


There’s exciting news from the world of women’s lacrosse in the form of the first ever Super League.  Announced at the end of 2013 by English Lacrosse, the Super League will see the country’s best players compete over four weekends in newly set up teams with fantastic sounding names. The London Royals, Southern Jets, Midland Mavericks and Northern Storm will meet each other for the first time on 18th May 2014, with the finals being held on 6th July at Surrey Sports Park, venue for the 2017 Lacrosse World Cup.

Players have until 31st January to register to play and all names will be submitted to a selection panel to be drafted.  The final teams will be selected on 22nd February 2014.  If you’d like to enter then visit to register your name.

This is a great step forward for a game that’s been enjoying rapid popularity with girls in schools across England and will hopefully showcase the wealth of talent UK lacrosse has to offer.  By creating a high profile event like this it will also create role models and potentially boost the game’s appeal further.


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