Fit 4 Women 2014

Header_graphicWSFF’s Fit4Women is back for a 5th year, a series of conferences taking cutting edge research and analysis and discussing it in terms of local case studies, success stories and challenges.

For the first time ever the conference is going on tour, starting in London on 21st Feb before heading to Coventry on 24th and Bristol on 26th Feb.  The day’s split into two depending on your area of interest, with the daytime session covering sports delivery and how to encourage and retain women in sport, whilst the evening is for those with an interest in coaching and fitness.  Not only does Fit4Women provide a space to hear the latest research and initiatives going on in women’s sport for both able and disabled athletes, but also shows them in practice through local examples.

If you’re interested in attending Fit4Women then tickets are still available (although not for London’s day time sesh) through the WSFF website here.  Fit4Women is delivered in partnership with equality bodies, the English Federation of Disability Sport & Sporting Equals and alongside Pro Active East London, CSW Sport & WESport. With that much support, it’s got to be good!



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