Goals for Girls: A story of women with balls

afiche_ENIn the run up to the World Cup 2014 Amnesty International are running ‘Behind the Lines’, a football film festival out in happy old Hackney.  From 6th-8th June Hackney Picture House will be screening thought provoking Football documentaries and panel discussions focusing on the social and political aspects of the beautiful game, looking at the importance of football off the pitch and away from the stadiums.

My ticket is already booked for ‘Goals for Girls: A story of women with balls‘, a documentary looking into the marginalised world of women’s football in Argentina.  The documentary follows the story of young women from the Villa 31 shanty town as they aim to defy society and take part in the Homeless World Cup, looking at the barriers preventing girls from taking part in one of their nation’s biggest sports.  The film is then followed up by a panel discussion with the likes of Sarah Jane Mee and Anna Kessel as well as one of the film’s directors, Ginger Gentile, as they debate all aspects of women’s football.  Should be good!

Image from goalsforgirlsthemovie.org (thanks!)


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