This Girl Can

This_Girl_Can_Logo_PMS_248I wrote a nice long post about Sport England’s amazing new campaign, This Girl Can. I wrote how this brilliant initiative aims to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to get active and fit regardless of ability by replacing the images seen of active women in the media by finding real women who take realistic levels of exercise and using them as the poster girls for the campaign instead. This was followed this up with a sentence or two explaining how by using these normal shaped women who have fun and keep fit, This Girl Can aims to address the fear of being judged, the most commonly cited answer given by women as to why they don’t participate in sport.  There were then a few (undoubtedly insightful) lines on comparing this attitude to that of most of the guys I know who play football at a weekend who never seem to worry about how good they are, what they look like in their kit or what their hair does when they get sweaty.

Then my laptop went and restarted, loosing all my original work in the process. However actually, I think this campaign speaks for itself: its simple, realistic and brilliant. Sport England, we salute you.

For more information on This Girl Can visit and check out the short film below:



One comment

  1. I really hope the campaign is effective. As a dad of a young gymnast, it struck me how that sport, by applying strict rules on clothing in competitions (I.e. Leotard only) is expecting teenage and pre-teen girls to have the same lack of concern about being judged for their appearance as the women in the campaign – which given their age may be unlikely. Often the change needs to come from the sports administrators as well as the participants.

    Touchline Dad

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